2017 Competition Winners

The VMAAI announces the results of the 2017 VMAAI Competition

Congratulations to all the winners.

• Bill Barnitz Award—Grand Champion / Best in Show      Alan Copeland—Cello

This award is designed to recognize the highest achievement of instrument making in the
contest. It designates the Grand Champion of the competition. All instrument categories are
included. The highest total points awarded to the instrument in the workmanship and varnish
and tone categories receives The Bill Barnitz Award.


  Alan Copeland / Bill Barnitz…


• Bob Wallace—Best in Tone          Antonio Rizzo—Steel Violin

This contest is designed to determine the best-toned violin from the winners of the gut- and
steel stringed categories. It is based upon tone only, and workmanship and varnish are not
factors in the competition except that, in the case of a tie after the third playoff, appearance shall
be the determining factor in selecting a winner. The top 10% of the violins entered in each of
the gut and steel-string categories qualify for the competition

 Antonio Rizzo


• Overall Scores Bow Workmanship and Playability

Violin Bow

     Gold Medal      Claudio Chagas

     Silver Medal    Claudio Chagas

Viola Bow

     Gold Medal     Claudio Chagas

     Silver Medal    Alessandro Carlesso

Cello Bow

     Gold Medal     Claudio Chagas

     Silver Medal    Alessandro Carlesso


• Bow Workmanship Medals

Cello Bow

     Gold Medal          Claudio Chagas

     Silver Medal        Alessandro Carlesso


• Bow Certificates of Merit

      Claudio Chagas           Viola Bow

      Claudio Chagas           Viola Bow

     Claudio Chagas           Viola Bow


• Overall Scores Instrument Tone and  Workmanship

     Gold Medal          Ivan Ivanov                  Steel Violin

     Silver Medal        Alex Reza                      Steel Violin

     Gold Medal         Jinan Cao                     Gut Violin

     Silver Medal       Zoran Stilin                   Gut Violin

     Gold Medal         Zoran Stilin                   Viola

     Silver Medal       Pablo Alfaro                 Viola

     Gold Medal         Alan Copeland           Cello

     Silver Medal       Zhuolin Li                    Cello

• Tone Awards

     Gold Medal        Antonio Rizzo              Steel Violin

     Silver Medal       Ivan Ivanov                  Steel Violin

     Gold Medal        Bruce McBeth             Gut Violin

     Silver Medal      Antonio Rizzo              Gut Violin

     Gold Medal       Zoran Stilin                   Viola

     Silver Medal    John Hosking               Viola

     Gold Medal     Jack Rasmussen          Cello

     Silver Medal    Don Lenker                  Cello


• Tone Awards Certificates of Merit

     Erich Schweiger            Violin

     Zoran Stilin                    Violin

     Ed Byler                          Violin

     Erich Schweiger             Violin

     Evan Smith                     Violin

     Alex Reza                         Violin

     Tim Summerville           Viola


• Instrument Workmanship Awards

     Gold Medal           Alan Copeland             Cello

     Silver Medal         Pablo Alfaro                Viola


• Instrument Workmanship Certificate of Merit

     Pablo Alfaro    Violin

     Zoran Stilin       Viola